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The HELI-CAL® Flexible (Beam) Coupling was conceived in 1958 when George Sabadash developed the concept and method of producing the HELI-CAL Flexure as a single piece flexible coupling/coupler. After receiving a strong response from a news release, George realized he had created a useful and needed product. Ivan Moore, Charlie Romero and Charles Merrell joined with George to build a company to manufacture and market this new and unique product.

Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing Flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft. Helical's many products are cost-effective and versatile. Here is a brief overview of the many variations of HELI-CAL Flexure products that can be used to control mechanical movement.

Helical Products Company, Inc., has in-house applications engineers to assist in your selection of a coupling/coupler, design of a custom coupling, or supplying a sample coupling for testing in your application. You are invited to take advantage of Helical's design and application engineering expertise. Not only can the flexible sections of Helical couplings and U-Joints be altered to accommodate various torques and misalignments, but an infinite number of attachment designs are also available. The net result is often a reduction in total number of parts and lower system costs. A consultation with our Helical factory engineers is at "no charge."

Each 'Flexure Fact' tells the story of an engineering project where Helical's Application Engineer(s) worked together with a customer to find or design a coupling, spring, or u-joint that would meet the requirements of their project. The majority of the applications required special configurations, materials, end attachments, or other specifications; while for a few applications, one of our standard products was the most appropriate.

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