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Category: Power Transformers
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Hengda Electronic Factory is a set of R&D development,production,sales as one of the professional engaged in various types of toroidal transformer,EI transformer manufacturer,founded in 1994,located in Chongzhou City of Sichuan Province. The total plant area of 15,000 square meters, there are more than 30 professional engineers and technicians.the transformer daily output of up to 9800 units.

Hot Product: Transformer for Heating System

Compact Construction: Embeded, Wall-mounted, Ultra-silent available

  • Robust and sealed Porcelain coated enclosure
  • Reduced magnetic stray
  • Gap free iron core
  • No humming
  • Low voltage drop
  • Conforms to CE/UL/Rohs standards
  • Range up to 3.2 KVA
  • Secondary voltage 36Vac/Current up to 90A
  • Input 230VAC (50-60 Hz)
  • Temperature Class T40/E T40/B
Control Solution
  • The Transformer (First Generation) Special for LaminHeat Nuannongnong Heating System: A small sudden sound comes out with the AC Contactor start-up or shut-off.
  • The Transformer (Second Gerenaration) Special for LaminaHeat Nuannongnong Heating System (Wireless or Cable): By upgrading the First Generation, a device to prevent the heater from overheating is installed; the small sudden sound with the AC Contactor start-up or shut-off is almost removed.
  • The Transformer with Voltage Self-adjustment Function Special for LaminaHeat Nuannongnong Heating System: By upgrading the Second Generation, a device to adjust the abnormal input voltage fluctuation is installed.
Main Products

After 25 years of efforts, now we have established a complete set of production quality and environmental protection of the advanced system. We have excellent product quality, first-class enterprise management, the most competitive prices and improve the service to win customer's praise. Our products are exported to North America, Europe, Asia and other places.

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