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Category: Nickel and Nickel Alloys
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Heyco Metals, Inc.

Expanding Manufacturing Excellence Into New Markets

Founded in 1969 and privately-owned, Heyco Metals, Inc. has over four decades of manufacturing expertise in copper and copper alloy strip. We pioneered the use of real-time 100% surface inspection to ensure pristine surface quality. We have recently expanded our process capability into stainless steel alloys and also offer an innovative clad metal system under the trade name CopperPlus™.

Heyco is synonymous with industry-leading quality, rapid response, technical support, and on-time delivery. Our extremely short lead times can keep your inventories lean while meeting unpredictable spikes in demand.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Why Heyco Metals
  • Non-contact gauge control at rolling eliminates diamond marks -- essential for leadframe, connector, and decorative applications. Similarly, non-contact air wipes eliminate wiper marks typically seen on static rubber-wiped product
  • Proprietary oil filtration keeps rolling lubricant free of particulate matter and virtually eliminates any possibility of roll marks
  • Thermal degreasing provides oil-free surfaces without the abrasion and contact associated with aqueous cleaning lines
  • Automated on-line surface inspection (pioneered by Heyco), via Cognex vision systems, allows 100% surface integrity without reliance on error-prone human inspection
  • Stringent preventive maintenance ensures that equipment downtime is an extremely rare occurrence
  • Raw materials are sourced throughout the world in order to secure an optimal combination of value and capability
  • Lead times at Heyco are consistently far shorter than those of our competitors
  • Heyco can process starting coils as narrow as 5"
  • Heyco's technical staff represents decades of combined experience that can provide valuable support for leadframe, connector, architectural, and general usage applications
  • Corporate stability, private shareholder base, and conservative cash management facilitate ongoing investment in the finest strip-processing technology available

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