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Honeywell Process Solutions

Improving your business performance through solutions that drive safety, reliability and efficiency.

Honeywell Process Solutions is a division of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) and has been a pioneer in automation control for more than 30 years. Honeywell Process Solutions and the other units of ACS comprise nearly $10 billon of Honeywell’s overall $31 billion business. Honeywell Process Solutions employs more than 10,000 people in 95 countries and serves several industries, including refining, oil and gas, pulp, paper and printing, power generation, chemicals, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining.

Why Honeywell

Whether it’s their three decades of industry experience, advanced applications, industry-leading safety record, 98+ percent on-budget and on-time deployments, or migration strategies designed to protect your investment, they have the power to turn your company’s resources into bottom-line results.

They have the technology and service expertise to deliver the results their customers want. They’re there from project start to finish and throughout the automation lifecycle, helping unite people, assets, processes and business knowledge to maximize operational efficiency, while keeping your people, plant, assets and the environment safe.

With offices in 95 countries, Honeywell Process Solutions has in-depth experience across a range of industries, including refining, oil and gas, pulp, paper and printing, power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining.

Honeywell’s corporate-wide commitment to Six Sigma-driven development and execution ensures they always provide consistent, high-quality results, helping their customers improve their return on investment, manage their assets and enhance the effectiveness of their people.

Honeywell Process Solutions

What They Do

Honeywell Process Solutions delivers leading-edge automation and control solutions, equipment and services designed to improve customers’ business performance. Honeywell helps customers:

  • Increase return on assets by reducing costs and improving uptime
  • Manage depleting workforces and the loss of domain expertise
  • Overcome increasing business volatility
  • Meet the needs for increased safety and security
  • Reduce the impact of incidents and make people more effective
  • Make better, faster decisions with an enterprise-level view of results, from the field to the boardroom
Here are some recent examples:
  • Honeywell’s IntelaTrac mobile computing technology enabled a 200,000-barrel-per-day refining customer to save $20M annually on pump maintenance and $50M annually on electronic motor maintenance.
  • Honeywell’s simulation technology enabled a polypropylene producer to shift to a new production-expanding process. The training program ensured startup was smooth and costs of transition were reduced.
  • The installation of a Honeywell technology enabled a Finnish paper mill to increase production by as much as 11 percent while conserving more than 5,140 tons of steam per year.
Honeywell Process Solutions

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