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With more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors, Honeywell has a product to meet any industry's requirements and any company's needs.

But an impressive product line is only one part. We bring to bear engineering expertise and value-added capabilities no other company offers. While our switch and sensor solutions meet a wide array of basic and complex applications, our custom-engineered solutions offer enhanced precision, repeatability and ruggedness for each industry of our expertise:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Test and Measurement
  • Transportation

Honeywell is the one-stop, full-service, globally-competitive answer. That's why we're unparalleled as the gold standard and unquestioned as your best value.

  • Global service and sourcing
  • Industry-leading engineers
  • Value-added assemblies and solutions
  • Construction to your needs

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Application Note: Monitoring Ocean Floor Levels During Oil Drilling (Pressure Sensing) To meet the long-term global demand for oil, drilling companies have been exploring in the deep and ultra-deep water for reserves at great expense. It's vital for the drilling companies to know where... (View Full Article)
Application Note: Solid Waste Handling and Disposal (Switches) Every year, an estimated 1.3 billion tons of solid waste is generated around the world. The people, equipment and facilities that handle waste must be able to perform in harsh, temperature-varying... (View Full Article)

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Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things
Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things
Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things