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Category: Tubing
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HOSCO offers you advantages that will make your paint operations more productive and your finishes world class.

Hosco Finishing System Components is a manufacturer and global marketer of smooth bore, "cavity-free" stainless steel fittings and accessories designed specifically for the use in manual or automated paint circulating and application finishing systems. Products include encapsulated ball valves, smooth bore fittings and adaptors, quick disconnects, restrictors and flow regulators, paint and air hoses, plus paint system accessories. Our global customer base and application environments include automotive assembly and component manufacture, truck and bus, farm and construction equipment, and aerospace industries.

Hosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLC

  • HOSCO is the only finishing equipment manufacturer to provide cavity-free stainless steel components, fittings and systems for advanced paint and coating delivery. Cavity-free means there is no place for dry paint to hide for dirt-free operations and easier cleaning with minimal solvent usage.

  • HOSCO offers both inch and true metric size fittings for standardized compatibility in the spray booth, plant-wide, worldwide.

  • HOSCO systems provide improved ergonomics reducing operator fatigue while improving employee morale with lighter and easier to use products.

Hosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLC

  • HOSCO engineers and project managers employ CAD workstations to develop application solutions for finishing needs. We can quickly integrate design modifications into our standard line of products to improve performance as well as custom match component designs for special application needs.

  • HOSCO cellular production allows quick response to customer requirements, whether to complete a rush shipment or build custom parts. This efficient work environment also means quick response to the manufacture of prototype parts and systems.

  • HOSCO systems are recognized as the standard – worldwide – for excellence in our product, and your finish. With one of the largest product lines available, we’re able to custom build a system to virtually any list of specifications using standard options, or develop new configurations perfectly tuned to your application.

All Hosco products are certified silicone-free, cleaned and ready for installation into paint systems.

Hosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLCHosco Fittings, LLC

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