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Category: VU Meters
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For hundreds of years, New England craftsmen have lived by the rule that anything worth doing is worth doing it well. At Hoyt, that rule is honored today as it was in previous generations who founded and fostered a company exclusively to make a better line of analog panel meters. From the Hoyt family members who have manufactured meters since 1890 and have owned and actively operated the business since 1904, to the skilled production workers in the plant, Hoyt people apply their special skills to the design and manufacture of panel meters that meet and exceed industry standards.

Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.
Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

Personal pride, Yankee ingenuity, and an uncommon commitment to tradition and reputation are reflected in every meter that leaves the modern, 30,000 square foot facility in Penacook, New Hampshire.

Their catalog describes the complete Hoyt line of ammeters, millivoltmeters, milliammeters, voltmeters, vu meters and accessories. Standard Hoyt meters offer a choice of self-shielded accurring, external magnet, 250 deg. movements or AC repulsion movements with accuracy ranges of 1 to 5% of full scale. The Hoyt custom product line includes rectifier type AC meters, 50-2000 cycle calibrated ac meters and suppressed zero DC meters. All of Hoyt meters use rugged pivot and jewel movements, tested and proven for many years in industrial environments. Hoyt also offers a wide selection of case styles, colors and materials including metal, phenolic, noryl, polystyrene, high impact polycarbonate and acrylic. Special dial colors and layouts for non-standard range dials also available at extra cost.

Hoyt meters made in USA.

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