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Hydrogen Sense Technology Co., Ltd (H2SENSE) is a young company dedicated in hydrogen sensor development and production business founded in 2014. With strong R&D team in the design, development and market the newest hydrogen sensor products, H2sense has been a leading solutions provider for many applications.

Our Hydrogen sensor is based on palladium alloy thin-film (PTF) solid state hydrogen specific sensor technology. The sensor includes hydrogen capacitance sensor and hydrogen resistance sensor, together with a temperature sensor and heater for coordinated working controlled by built-in firmware to achieve fast response and full range hydrogen detection in various conditions.

Our PTF sensor has many advantages compared to the traditional electrical chemical & thermal conductive technology used for hydrogen detection, such as no cross sensitivity, wide range (up to 100% Vol.), can work in harsh environment (high temperature, high moisture, high radiation, etc.). 

Based on this technology, we also developed a special kind of solution for online Hydrogen DGA monitoring for transformer and other oil immersed power equipment, this solution has many technical advantages such as no cross sensitivity (no false alarm), free of maintenance, smallest size & best price / performance radio.

Besides power industry, our innovative sensor technology has many other applications, including oil & gas, Petrochemistry, Nuclear power industry (Hydrogen monitoring inside safety shell, waste disposal), industrial (safety, process optimize & automation), Metal nitriding, Hydrogen Fuel Cell & Aerospace.

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Hydrogen Sense Technology Co., Ltd
Hydrogen Sense Technology Co., Ltd
Hydrogen Sense Technology Co., Ltd