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Category: Motion Controllers
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Hymark is your best source for Motion Control Products, Length Measuring Gauges, Machine Tool Equipment and Customized Machinery.

Hymark's strength in providing high quality motion control products is supported by strategic exclusive partnerships with first class component manufacturers, including Lika Electronic, MS-Graessner, Digitronic, Hejm Automation and HSB Automation. Hymark is also the manufacturer of the Kentucky Gauge line of calipers, dimensional gages and instruments, drilling and tapping machines, industrial conveyors, machine fences, stops, and guides, pipe and tube cutters, rules and length gagues, sawing and cut-machines, stock and strip feeders, unit handling conveyors, etc.

Hymark’s product lines include:

Lika Electronic logo 

Lika Electronic
•  Incremental Rotary Encoders
•  Absolute Rotary Encoders
•  Incremental Linear Encoders
•  Absolute Linear Encoders
•  Digital Readouts
•  Electric Rotary Actuators
•  OEM and Custom Products

 MS-Graessner logo

•  Precision Bevel Gearboxes
•  Right Angle Gearboses
•  Spiral, Hypoid, and Zerol Bevel Gears
•  High Torque Gearboxes
•  Bevel Helical Gearboxes
•  Miniature Gearboxes
•  Custom Gears and Gearboxes

Digitronic logo

•  Cam Switch Units
•  Operating Panels
•  Switch Accelerators
•  Switch Amplifiers
•  PLC Modules
•  Analog Input/Output Extensions
•  Analog-to-Digital Converters


Hejm Automation
•  Position Controllers
•  NC Positioning Axis Modules
•  Position Displays

 HSB Automation GmbH logo

HSB Automation
•  Belt Drive Systems
•  Ball Screw Drive Systems
•  Rack and Pinion Drive Systems
•  Ball Screw Spindler, Cylinder Nuts, and Flange Nuts
•  Customized Linear Guides and Module Solutions

 Kentucky Gauge logo

Kentucky Gauge
•  Automatic Material Feeders
•  Automatic Back Stop Gauges
•  Manual Back Stops Gauges
•  Turnkey Sawing Systems
•  Turnkey Drilling Systems
•  Turnkey Chipless Rotary Cutting Systems
•  Precision Dimensional Measuring Gauges

Sesame Motors logo 

Sesame Motor
•  AC Motors
•  Speed Controlled Motors
•  Brake Motors
•  Torque Motors
•  Gear Motors
•  IE3 Premium Efficiency IEC Motors

Supplier Directory Categories

AC Motors
(11 Products)
Ball Screws
(4 Products)
(3 Products)
Data Acquisition
(10 Products)
Digital Readouts
(12 Products)
(3 Products)
(2 Products)
Hypoid Gears
(1 Product)
Linear Actuators
(119 Products)
Linear Encoders
(30 Products)
Metric Gears
(2 Products)
Rigid Couplings
(5 Products)
Rotary Encoders
(185 Products)
Tilt Sensors
(5 Products)
Hymark/Kentucky Gauge is also listed in these categories:

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