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Everybody wants to drive a car that is safe, comfortable and ecologically sustainable. As one of the world’s leading engineering partners, IAV has made many important contributions over the past 25 years. We deliver not only ideas and solutions, we deliver added value – for you, our clients.

Our integrated approach: We support nearly all car makers and their suppliers with a unique spectrum of competencies. It doesn’t matter if you need our proven expertise in the field of combustion engines or alternative drive systems, or if you are looking for a strong partner for electromobility, electronics and software. We’re happy to help you take on projects involving driver assistance, lightweight construction, or safety. In other words, we provide solutions that are suitable for mass production, and technology that is sustainable for the entire vehicle. That’s why you’ll find IAV innovations in nearly every car.

Our core competencies include providing perfected, production-ready solutions in all walks of powertrain, electronics and vehicle development. This is where you can discover more about our service portfolio.

  Vehicle Development

Our integrated approach to development covers tomorrow’s trends in the automotive industry.

  Powertrain Passenger Cars

Developing efficient powertrains has a long tradition at IAV.

  Powertrain Heavy Duty

IAV is a strong engineering partner in the commercial-vehicle segment with competencies spanning every aspect of automotive development.

  Methods and Tools

We can provide development expertise covering the entire vehicle.

Your link between the idea and the start of production: Highly qualified and motivated engineers provide support for you at every stage of the development process, beginning with the initial idea and continuing with simulations, prototyping, component and bench tests. We also support with everything from road tests to the start of production. As an innovative company, we have our own advanced development operations, conduct primary research, and provide solutions with a methodical interdisciplinary approach. Cutting-edge testing technology and workplaces, along with realistic testing environments complement our broad foundation for advancing projects with experience and passion. Our goal is to pave the way for your success.

Wherever you are, you can count on us: We work not only from our headquarters in Berlin, but also from our many sites throughout Germany, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Around the world more than 4,000 IAV employees are ready to support you in global and local projects. The growing number of turn-key projects and the benefits of handling contracts across borders have ensured IAV’s status as a center of excellence.


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