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At the beginning it was passion driving the founders to make it better. To develop sensors with extraordinary quality and reliability and to provide unequalled customer service. It was with this vision and knowing that 'quality' by far exceeds the actual product that ifm started in October 1969.

Close to you
After many years of intensive cooperation with our customers we have established ourselves in the market as service-oriented sensor specialists and today we are represented by more than 6,700 employees in over 70 countries worldwide. Even though we have grown into a big company we have still maintained the virtues of the founding years: The flexibility and individuality of a small enterprise and the quality and professionalism of a group. And our customers are still today in the centre of our work — close to you.

Quality and service
Quality for us is a term far exceeding the actual product. All our processes are focused on customer service and product quality. We personally support our customers — no matter where in the world and in which language. And if it has to be fast, our experts will provide competent support through our free service hotlines. We use our customers' feedback to continuously improve the quality of our products. In special test procedures we stress our sensors far beyond their limits to make sure that they keep what we promise in the customers' processes. In addition each product is submitted to a final inspection before it leaves our premises. This is a promise we take seriously and so we grant a 5-year warranty on each catalogue product.

Made in Germany
70% of our products are developed and manufactured in Germany. We feel closely connected to the location Germany. But we have reached a point at which we want to further extend the vision of our commitment "close to you". With manufacturing and development locations in the USA, in Singapore, Poland and Romania we follow our principles and can respond to the requirements of the different markets with high professional competence, fast, flexibly and professionally. All our manufacturing and development locations are set up according to the same high German quality standards, whether it concerns the working conditions for our staff, environmental protection or the high quality standards in development and production.

Value added and profits with value
Our company profits provide the necessary capital for creating and securing training positions and employment and for investing in innovation. Within the ifm group of companies, value-oriented action plays an important role. The founding generation laid down principles in a philosophy which has now been translated into 16 languages and is handed out to every employee. In this philosophy we promote our ethical company culture and encourage our employees into a responsible and sustainable behaviour — also in the global context. So for us, successful cost management and morality do not exclude each other. This is confirmed by our continuous growth since the foundation of the company. On the basis of this philosophy we achieved a company turnover of 880 million EUR in 2017.

ifm distinguished!
ifm is always in motion. Constantly, innovations are developed, products optimised and system solutions adapted. Professional perspectives and career opportunities are to set standards and ensure a safe future. So much so that ifm achieves awards for its performance on a regular basis.

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