IFS provides a broad range of enterprise, manufacturing, service management and asset management solutions. An integral part of IFS Applications, IFS’ solutions seamlessly work together enabling companies to employ lean enterprise concepts, control costs, manage projects, increase efficiencies in their supply chain, and measure their performance.

IFS Architecture and Technology—Building for Change

Ever get the feeling that whenever your business changes, your business system takes twice as long to catch up? That’s what can happen when the system’s basic design isn’t flexible enough to meet the rapidly changing demands of your industry or market. IFS Applications combines the benefits of service-oriented architecture and components to give your business the agility it needs to stay one step ahead of the competition

IFS Applications—Solutions for the Agile Enterprise

IFS Applications is the logical enterprise application choice for the modern company that wants to remain agile and competitive in today’s rapidly changing global market. Built on over 20 years of industry experience, it offers customers complete IT support with leading edge industry specific functionality.

IFS Applications Component Chart

IFS Applications is an on-demand business application. Its component-based architecture provides for fast, step-by-step implementation, which lets companies get rapid payback by adding new functionality without waiting for a major overhaul.

Contact IFS now to discuss your individual requirements and discover how IFS’ in-depth industry experience can help you to become more efficient.

IFS North America, Inc.
IFS North America, Inc.
IFS North America, Inc.

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