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Category: Thermoplastics and Thermoplastic Resins
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Idemitsu Chemical Co.

Idemitsu is a well-established source for chemical and engineering thermoplastic products. Founded in 1911, Idemitsu has extensive experience in the production and supply of a wide range of performance chemicals such as L-MODU™, LINEALENE™ PAO and ADAMANTATE™ and engineering thermoplastic products including PPS, TARFLON™ Polycarbonate and XAREC® SPS.

Idemitsu has become a trusted supplier to many of the world's most outstanding companies. From electronics to the automotive industry, it has established strong partnerships by delivering unmatched, highly responsive technical support and reliability that is second to none. Located in more than 50 cities throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, the Americas and the Middle East, Idemitsu is ready to listen and support your needs.

How Idemitsu Products Can Help

XAREC™ SPS thermoplastic products can take the heat! The semi-crystalline nature of XAREC™ combined with its high melting point (270C) means that it can handle extreme temperature environments including microwave ovens, autoclave sterilizers and SMT soldering ovens. Exceptional chemical and hydrolytic resistance means that XAREC™ can offer superior resistance to a wide range of the chemicals encountered in automotive, HVAC, electrical, oil & gas explorations and electronic applications. Well known for its excellent processability, XAREC™ easily fills thin wall injection molding tools and offers best in class dimensional stability.

TARFLON™ Polycarbonate thermoplastic products deliver exceptional impact strength and transparency. The stable performance of TARFLON™ over a wide temperature range (-100C to 135C) makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications involving appliances, optical components such as light reflector’s or LED’s and even tableware. Idemitsu has developed several TARFLON™ grades that meet industry mandated ignition resistance requirements and FDA, BGVV and European Legislation (2002/72/EC) food contact requirements.

LINEALENE™ PAO, I-MARV, IP Solvent & IP clean are key raw materials that Idemitsu supplies to manufacturers of paints, solvents, lubricants and even polyethylene manufacturers. Idemitsu’s R&D efforts to optimize metallocene catalyst technology to meet customer needs lead to the introduction of performance chemicals such as LINEALENE™ PAO, a base oil that shows high viscosity index and low pour point and L-MODU™ (Low Molecular weight and Low Modulus Polyolefin) for adhesives, non-woven fabrics & resins that have better heat stability, low melt viscosity and good compatibility with polypropylenes in comparison to similar resins.

ADAMANTATE™ adamantane derivatives such as (meth)acrylate, epoxy, & fluorocarbon materials can offer good heat stability, transparency and UV resistance for photoresists, films and coatings. Furthermore, they can increase a polymeric materials glass transition temperature, resulting in improved heat stability. The production process that Idemitsu developed for adamantane is the world’s first environmentally clean production process and permits us to maintain a stable supply.

Idemitsu Chemical Co. Idemitsu Chemical Co. Idemitsu Chemical Co. Idemitsu Chemical Co.

Exceptional Research & Development

Idemitsu’ s R&D leadership has been the driving force behind the strong growth that the company has experienced during the past 100 years. Expertise that was developed in metallocene catalyst technology lead to a large patent portfolio and the world’s first commercial introduction of a semi-crystalline version of polystyrene, XAREC™ SPS and the subsequent introduction of specialized performance chemicals based on the same catalyst systems. Idemitsu’s excellence in R&D has had a positive impact on a wide range of strategic businesses such as petroleum and petrochemical products, oil exploration and production and alternative energies.

Talk to Idemitsu Chemical Today

Idemitsu Chemical’s product specialists, around the globe, can provide you with the answers and insights you need to select the right material for your application and then provide the ongoing technical support needed to successfully launch and manufacture your product in your operation. On-site technical support, product testing and analysis capabilities help to insure that Idemitsu products meet the customer and industry application standards. Finally, the strong support for and belief in their R&D culture ultimately provides Idemitsu customers with another source of innovation for the products they need to bring to market maintain their competitive advantage.


Japan: https://www.idemitsu.com/index.html
U.S.: https://www.idemitsu.com/en/business/ipc/index.html
Europe: https://www.idemitsu-chemicals.de

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