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Category: Ground Resistance Testers
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For eight decades, Associated Research strived to improve all aspects of the electrical safety testing process for our customers. Through our dedication to product quality and our commitment to customer service, we have been shaping the Electrical Safety Testing industry with exciting, innovative, and safe test and measurement solutions.

Our Customer Happiness Guarantee ensures we keep you satisfied throughout your entire purchasing experience. From selecting the right product for your application to support and training, we guarantee your experience will be nothing less than excellent! If for ANY reason you're not completely satisfied with your experience, you can simply return your instrument within 45 days of purchase for a full refund. 

Furthermore, every AR instrument is backed by a minimum 3-year standard warranty. If you choose us for your annual calibration needs, we will extend your warranty up to 5 years from the date of purchase.

With every purchase, we guarantee to ship all products within 1 business day. If your order ships late, we’ll pay the freight!

With all of our service work, we guarantee to ship every calibration within 2 business days and complete repairs within 3 business days. If your instrument ships late from service, we will also pay the freight!

With support throughout the life of your AR product, we offer the best resources to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to work effectively with your instrument.

  • Expert Applications Team
  • White Papers and Articles
  • Quick Start Guides and Instructional Videos
  • Live Video Demos and Monthly Webinars
  • On-Site Demonstrations and Training

We strive to improve our products. Our All New HypotULTRA® debuts our highly intuitive touchscreen user interface, allowing you to interact with your instrument like a smartphone. Easily drag, drop, and swap test screen meters to prioritize what you want to see most. Get even more out of your instrument with our new and improved features available on select models:

  • Direct Barcode Connection: Increases efficiency and production throughput
  • On-Board Data Storage: Takes the pain out of your data transfer with local data storage
  • DualCHEK: Simultaneously perform Hipot and Ground Bond Tests for major time savings
  • SmartGFI®: Automatically protects operators from potential shock hazard
  • Advanced User Security Profiles: Take the element of human error out of testing with access levels and password protection from certain instrument features
  • My Menu: Allows you to prioritize what matters most to you with a customizable shortcut menu
  • Prompt & Hold: Provides on-screen instructions to users between tests
  • Multi-Language Display: To support global testing atmospheres

We are here to help! Contact us with any questions you may have at info@asresearch.com.

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