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Category: Hygrometers and Humidity Measurement Instruments
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Imego - IMT40 Motion Tracker

To their partners and clients, Imego represents a unique source of expertise within sensor system development. Since their inception in 1999, Imego has not only strived to establish ourselves as a provider of qualified technological expertise – they have also developed effective working methods, sought to attract the brightest minds in their field and always endeavored to cultivate long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with all their partners.

The business philosophy of Imego is very much based on combining unique expertise and experience with an extensive contact network in order to demonstrate nano and micro technology integration in the form of prototypes. This offers their customers business opportunities from which they, as well as Imego, can benefit.

Imego’s national role involves supplementing the existing research and educational structure in the area of promoting and developing integration of nano and micro technology. Internationally, this is also aimed at furthering the interests of Sweden and developing its global commercial presence. Imego fills the gap between the commercial and academic worlds by developing and commercializing research. To ensure that they continue to enjoy successful development, it is vital that one dedicated part of Imego's business focuses on developing research and cooperation opportunities with universities and other educational institutions.

In its entirety, Imego's role should not only be that of a technical, multidisciplinary resource. It is their aim to also become established as a model business when considering the integration of quality and ethics into their activities.

Imego has gathered skills and expertise in the areas where their potential is the greatest for being unique and globally leading. To sustain this, they invest in unique test equipment and procedures. They collaborate through a well-developed network of companies, universities, professional organizations and other interested parties. Most of Imego’s domestic activities are mirrored internationally through their collaborations.

To make an international impact and to obtain the confidence of the academic world, Imego participates at conferences and meetings and publishes new research findings through reputable forums. Their own research is conducted within their various sensor units and is funded through a generous government grant. They employ and advise doctoral students and diploma workers in order to further optimize their academic effort. Imego’s focus on the market is channeled through their commitment to tailor commercial prototype sensor systems to the customer’s specifications. Imego's basic technology building blocks are generated through patents and applied research before being applied to areas of maximum potential.

Imego - GyroSense
Imego - IMT30 Motion Tracker
Imego - Mermaid
Imego - Triaxial Accelerometer

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