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Impro is a leading global manufacturer of high-precision, high-complexity, mission-critical castings, machined components, and hydraulic orbital motors for diverse end markets. Our manufacturing plants are located in China, Mexico, Turkey, and Germany. Impro's integrated business model enables us to provide one-stop solutions to customers for their precision component needs.

We produce investment castings with complex design criteria of more than 100 ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, ranging from a few oz. to 253 lbs. Our iron sand casting technologies include green sand and resin sand casting processes, producing castings from a few lbs to 8 tons. Our machining capabilities include CNC turning, Swiss screw turning, multi-spindle turning, milling, 4- and 5- axis machining, grinding (centerless, cylindrical, ID, and OD), and deep-hole drilling. Our vertically integrated capabilities include on-site engineering support, in-house tooling design and manufacture, casting, heat treatment, secondary machining, surface treatment, inspection, and assembly.

For details regarding our hydraulic orbital motors, please visit www.improfluidtek.com.

We have multiple warehouse locations in North America and Europe to provide JIT/Kanban deliveries and other logistics services. Contact Us now for your next project.


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eBook - See How Impro Fluidtek's RC Motor Series Best Fit for Your Scissors Lift Aerial Work Platform (Machine Shop Services) If you've ever used a scissor lift AWP you'll know the importance of smooth and precise motion. Our hydraulic orbital motors provide the high torque, low speed and smooth, reliable movement needed. (View Full Article)
Choosing the Right Material for Swiss Screw Machining (Machine Shop Services) Swiss screw machining is valued for its ability to produce complex parts while driving down individual piece costs. This blog explores how material selection contributes to that goal, while helping... (View Full Article)

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Impro Industries USA, Inc.
Impro Industries USA, Inc.
Impro Industries USA, Inc.