Elkhart Plastics, Inc.

Our staff of highly trained professionals are committed to meeting and exceeding these recognized quality standards. Keeping up to date on ever increasing  international benchmarks and certifications helps us to keep the highest caliber of production for our customers. This also keeps us competitive in the global market while still allowing us to keep production here in the United States.

Elkhart Plastics, Inc.Our continued research into new technologies helps us to keep on the cutting edge of new materials and processes ensuring the highest performing end product.  We take pride in all of our work and look forward to helping you with any and all of your rotational molding (rotomolding) plastic needs.

The Elkhart Plastics, Inc. engineering staff can also assist you with design questions or problems when working on a new product, or tweaking an existing model.  With five locations across the Midwest and West Coast we have the production capacity for larger product orders and can walk you through the entire process.  You have probably seen examples of our work in countless name-brand products used throughout the globe.

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