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Category: AC Servomotors
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Industrial Indexing Systems Designs and Manufactures Motion Control Components and Systems Specializing in Servo Motion Control. Industrial Indexing servo motors, drives, and motion controllers provide automation system solutions and are used in the most demanding applications, requiring high performance, high quality positioning accuracy, high reliability, and energy efficiency.

IIS automation and motion control solutions are designed to control high speed, multi-axis production machinery.
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Industrial Indexing has experience and expertise with a wide range of motion control systems ideally suited for OEM machines. Fully engineered systems are turnkey solutions, right down to cabinets and panels from our UL-rated shop.
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Industrial Indexing has a primary, enduring goal to bring state-of-the-art servo system products to practical use on the factory floor. Whether it is a complete turnkey system or servo components, IIS's commitment to quality products and personalized support is unsurpassed.

Industrial Indexing Systems is also the exclusive North American Distributor for: TOEI Electric Co., Velconic, LTD Toshiba Machine Co., LTD X Series Servos
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For immediate assistance, call us at 585.924.9181, or email info@iis-servo.com.
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