Infor Solutions for Manufacturing
Proven, business-specific solutions with experience built in.

When it comes to manufacturing business challenges, one size clearly doesn't fit all. Specific problems demand specific solutions. And the solutions that give you the most value come packaged with the right functionality, so they require less customization, shorter implementation times, and fewer IT resources to maintain. Those same solutions must be delivered by a company with the business expertise, commitment, scale, and financial stability to address any and all of your requirements-from small to large, from local to global-as you grow and change.

Infor is successfully helping more than 70,000 customers around the world be more enterprising. It delivers proven, business-specific software solutions with experience built in. Its domain experts in every solution area have the know-how to help its customers worldwide address their specific business problems and lower their total cost of IT ownership. Infor helps them enrich the value of their current investment in IT needs specific to the manufacturing world, and extend their core applications with new best-in-class solutions. And to meet customers' long-term needs, Info is providing a smooth evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation.

A business software provider as enterprising as you are.
Infor is a different kind of software company. It provides business solutions to enterprising firms who want the best of both worlds: solutions as business-specific as those offered by smaller providers, backed by a company with the financial stability and global scale of the market’s enterprise software giants. This combination simply was not available until now. Filling the void was the reason Infor was founded, and its strategy is working. Last fiscal year 1,000 new customers chose Infor over its competitors.

Infor Solutions for Manufacturing delivers what the large, one-size-fits-all enterprise software providers cannot—business-specific solutions with industry experience built in, low total cost of ownership and a return on investment their customers don’t have to wait for.

Infor for Manufacturing

Solutions for the Enterprising Million.
This new market is not defined by the old classification of company size, but rather by company strategy. The Enterprising Million is a new class of high-demand, high-growth companies who are driving the global economy—innovative companies who are changing the rules and demanding a different kind of business software provider. Infor was built to meet the challenges of this new market. The Enterprising Million view Infor as a partner who is as enterprising as they are—committed to extending their investments in technology and to delivering innovative, business-specific solutions that evolve as requirements change.

Growing as fast as its customers.
Infor is one of the fastest growing business software providers, with more customers than its two largest competitors combined. As a young company with a long history—four years old with more than thirty years of experience—it is able to offer a distinct advantage: Its size gives Infor the stability and the resources, while its youth gives it the agility to meet the business demands of the rapidly growing Enterprising Million. A company unparalleled in application breadth, market experience, open technology and global reach, Infor was founded on three guiding principles all aimed at giving customers what they really want. Infor is committed to:

  1. Enrich existing products to optimize existing customer investment.
  2. Offer extended functionality to address new business challenges and new opportunities at the lowest total cost of ownership.
  3. Provide an evolutionary path to support continuing business and technology innovation in a non-disruptive manner.
  4. Infor's commitment to partnership with its customers is proven, too. Infor has a customer retention rate that is consistently one of the highest in the industry.

Infor for Manufacturing

Key Infor Statistics
Infor is one of the world’s largest providers of business software, with approximately $2.1 billion in revenue, and the 10th largest software company in the world.

  • 8,100+ employees
  • Direct offices in 100 countries
  • 70,000 customers worldwide
  • Implementation and support capabilities in 100+ countries
  • Global coverage: Americas, EMEA, APAC
  • Development employees average 12 years of experience in their field
Clearly, lowest total cost of ownership is a critical factor in the purchasing decision manufacturers make when evaluating a software vendor. Infor has demonstrated the right function and fit for manufacturers seeking to maximize their IT investment.

Cindy Jutras, VP & Service Director, Manufacturing, HCM & ERP
Aberdeen Group
October 30, 2006

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