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Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc.

The Integrity Testing Laboratory Inc. (ITL), the recipient of the prestigious 1996 Business Excellence Award “Company of the Year Creativity” in North York, was established in 1989 as a high tech, diversified Technology oriented Company. The mission of Integrity Testing Laboratory is to identify new and emerging materials and process technologies, develop appropriate capabilities and expertise, and utilize them to provide services of superior quality to the aerospace, space, electronic, microelectronic, plastics and polymers, automotive and other high technology industrial and scientific communities in Canada and abroad through transfer of technology or by supplying the new products.

Integrity Testing Laboratory's unique multidisciplinary approach to problem solving relies on the extensive experience of their staff, each applying his or her specific expertise to address your requirements. This approach allows them to provide you with a totally integrated solution forIntegrity Testing Laboratory Inc. your problem in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible.

Major fields of interest include space materials testing and characterization, protective coating's technology development and evaluation, failure analysis of materials and structures in aerospace, micro electronic and automotive industries. ITL Inc. is located in Markham, Ontario where it occupies 7,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility and employs 15 full time and part-time technical staff members – with over 60% holding advanced Ph.D. degrees.

In addition to the testing and R&D work, ITL has a rich tradition in organization of international professional meetings. Since 1990 ITL is conducting on a regular basis a series of International Conferences on “Protection of Materials and Structures from the Low Earth Orbit Space Environment” that is enjoying an ever-growing popularity since it was initiated.

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