Founded in 1971, Interface Devices, Inc. is a world-class designer and manufacturer of air driven fluid pumps, hydraulic valves and custom engineered fluid power products. IDI proudly designs and manufactures all our products at our Milford, CT facility.

Our principle products include the E, H and P Series Air Driven Liquid Pumps with integrated pneumatic and hydraulic circuitry. The TASQ line of Air Driven Liquid Pumps offer a standard, off-the-shelf and affordable alternative for intermittent flow and pressure applications. IDI offers Air Driven Air & Gas Boosters, Air Amplifiers for a variety of industrial applications. Our latest products include Oil-to-Oil Boosters and Zero Leak Directional Control valves.

In addition to standard products, IDI has designed and manufactured purpose-built products for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Rescue Tools
  • Flame Retardant Foam Valve
  • Single & Multi-head Pop Rivet Machine
  • Natural Gas Booster
  • Aerospace Fastener Tool
  • Nuclear Plant Maintenance Robot
Application specific products are developed in concert with the wishes of partner companies such as:
  • Hurst "Jaws of Life"
  • Hale Products
  • Carr Lane Rohmheld
  • Vektek
  • Emhart
  • Monogram Aerospace
  • Burndy
  • Westinghouse/ABB
As we continue to grow and develop it is our principle aim to provide quality in our designs and manufacturing while responding to customer needs.
Interface Devices, Inc.
Interface Devices, Inc.
Interface Devices, Inc.
Interface Devices, Inc.

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