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Category: Synthetic Oils, Greases, and Lubricants
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Invotec Solutions is dedicated to the polymer sector. Our goal is to offer innovative products and consumables that make your processes more efficient and make things easier for you. We pride ourselves on service, from your initial sales enquiry through to order and ongoing support.

Invotec Solutions is different than your usual catalogue company. We offer many everyday items used in mould shops, but we also partner with leading brands taking care of our principles products and services throughout the European Union. Our products can now be found through a growing network of distributors and partners and we continue to expand this network every year.

We offer new suppliers an established route to market and also take control of existing sales structures within Europe. If you are a supplier and would like to know what we can offer you please click here.

Supplier Directory Categories

Air Valves
(17 Products)
Ball Valves
(5 Products)
Band Heaters
(41 Products)
(3 Products)
Check Valves
(5 Products)
Chemical Pumps
(4 Products)
(89 Products)
Coil Heaters
(1 Product)
Control Valves
(12 Products)
Diverter Valves
(4 Products)
Electric Heaters
(42 Products)
Filter Elements
(15 Products)
Flow Meters
(96 Products)
Flow Switches
(5 Products)
Gas Valves
(5 Products)
Hose Fittings
(40 Products)
Industrial Hose
(16 Products)
Limit Switches
(7 Products)
(70 Products)
Pipe Fittings
(22 Products)
Plastic Pumps
(4 Products)
(4 Products)
Quick Couplers
(6 Products)
Static Mixers
(11 Products)
Totes and Bins
(3 Products)
Water Filters
(6 Products)
Water Valves
(22 Products)
Wire Brushes
(18 Products)

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