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Category: Cutoff Machines
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J&S Machine, Inc. is a premier distributor of Tre C, SIMASV, and YLM metal fabrication equipment with an emphasis in the areas of bending and cutting for a variety of industries. They provide complete turn key solutions ready to go into production when the machines arrive at their customer's facilities.

J&S Machine, Inc.

J&S Machine, Inc. provides complete R&D assistance, tooling design, testing, in house training and 24 hour service after the sale. Along with their suppliers they have 90 plus years of experience implementing and developing solutions for metal bending and cutting.

J& S Machine, Inc. was founded in 1998 as a response to requests for machine service, upgrades, and retrofits as well as new machine control package designing. From that beginning J&S Machine expanded to include the sale of metal fabrication equipment from quality manufacturers, primarily in roll and rotary tube bending. The sales and service of bending machines and tooling are the focal point of their current operation. Utilizing skills and knowledge obtained from previous employments they can conduct complete installations and training on their products, tooling setups, bending trouble shooting, tooling design, and a variety of application evaluations.

Metal fabrication machines represented are available with a full range of operation / control possibilities. J&S Machine offers hydraulic operated angle benders, NC semi-automatic tube and pipe benders, and CNC section benders and mandrel tube benders. Stand alone or complete cells of machines configured to optimize your production needs can be provided as a turnkey package. From entry level machines to the sophisticated CNC benders, the large variety of machines and control combinations allows them to provide solutions to meet the bending and financial budget needs of customers.

J&S Machine, Inc. After sales service is a very important part of J&S Machine's business. With their technical and bending expertise throughout the organization, they are able to remedy most situations via telephone conversation. After hours service is available from the office answering machine. They are available for field service work requiring little notice to travel to your facility in most instances. A stock of parts is maintained in their inventory.

Partnering with a network of fabrication suppliers and fabrication job shops throughout the United States provides a comprehensive network of individuals from multiple industries to enhance their overall solution capabilities. The resources and combined knowledge of this group, enables J&S Machine to provide guidance on a variety of fabrication needs and services.

J&S Machine, Inc.

J&S Machine is located in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. This location is approximately 45 miles east of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport providing easy access for customers wishing to visit and examine the machine maintained in their inventory as well as convenient air travel for their travels. Most visits to their facility can be accomplished in one day from locations throughout the United States.

Contact J&S Machine, Inc. today for a solution to your metal fabrication equipment needs.

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