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        JINPAT Electronics in Shenzhen city, first entering into slip ring industry in 1996, is dedicated to development, manufacture, and sales of high-precision electrical slip rings, and has become one of high-tech enterprises in national level. It holds a professional R&D Team composed of many senior engineers who have worked in multinational companies or renowned research institutions for years. They are committed to developing and manufacturing varieties of high-quality slip rings, having provided many parts of high reliability, and system design optimization and performance improvement for all kinds of applications in industrial automatic control.

       Seeking perfection and continuous innovation is our pursuit along the way. Holding the principle of customer and quality first, JINPAT improves itself constantly in design and manufacturing. Meanwhile, environmental awareness is attached much importance in the whole process. From material selection to the practical manufacturing, JINPAT is willing to offer more exquisite service with thoughtful technical support.

Our product lines are listed below:


        Proper division of different production lines is fulfilled in our individual facility. Specific production line serves abundant off-the-shelf units so that rapid delivery can be offered to customers. Also, custom service is also available to provide more tailor-made products for more customers in various kinds of industries.


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