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Category: Metallized and Coated Films
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Jordan Products Co.
Jordan Products Co.

Jordan Products Co.

The Mission:
To combine advanced technology with skilled and experienced professionals to create innovative label solutions.

Jordan Products Co.

Jordan Products was founded in 2001 by Robert Jordan and is located in Minneapolis, MN. The company began as a passive supplier of the Optical Thin Film (OTF) technology and has since evolved into a label solutions development partner and provider to the global marketplace, utilizing unique combinations of adhesives, materials, and the OTF to create multi-functional multi-layered label constructions.

Jordan Products Co.


Secure-ID® products are based on a unique and proprietary Optical Thin Film (OTF) technology, exclusively manufactured in the United States by Jordan Products Co. and based on technology from fortune 100 companies such as 3M. Supported by global patents and closely held trade secrets, Secure-ID® products have embedded security features uniquely customized for individual customers that bring some of the most secure and irreplaceable tamper-prevention and authentication products to today’s market. These products support the rigorous demands of chain-of-custody requirements in complex security protocols, and they are not susceptible to counterfeit/substitution risk associated with standard plastic "void" labels that are sourced from commercially available label stock from domestic and foreign suppliers.
Jordan Products Co.

Semi-Finished Roll Stock in our Standard Layer Constructions Each of these standard layer constructions either highlights one of the Secure-ID Optical Thin Film’s unique activation capabilities or provides an opportunity for the customer to combine other unique layers with the OTF as a base roll material. They are outlined below with their material and adhesive layer specifications, the unique feature they exploit, and links to finished label products they have been used to create.

Jordan Products Co.


Business Approach
The Secure-ID technology is capable of revealing its embedded image through several different activation methods. This unique capability makes the film versatile as well as complex. Therefore, the Secure-ID team provides customers its expertise surrounding the technology’s unique activation capabilities as well as technical assistance with adhesive and label stock material layer constructions to create the most innovative security label solution for their end-user client. Secure-ID remains on the side line as a confidential partner with the sole purpose of helping its customer solve their client’s issues with the best in quality and technology available.


• Technical Assistance
  with Manufacturing
• Layer Construction
  (& Production Available)
• Optical Thin Film


Label Solution Provider

• Innovative Security
  Label Solution


End-User Client

Unique label solutions address these critical issues:

  • Unauthorized Access & Tamper Evidence
  • Product Authentication
  • Brand Protection
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Track & Trace

Along with product development insight and technical implementation assistance, the Secure-ID Optical Thin Film is available in several customizable formats. These include:

  • Semi-Finished Roll Stock in a Custom Layer Construction
  • Un-Laminated Secure-ID Optical Thin Film (OTF) (w/ Custom Covert/Color)
  • Semi-Finished Die-Cut Label Rolls (Ready for Specific Finishing Techniques)

Jordan Products Co.


Optical Thin Films (OTF):
Jordan Products’ core technology and the heart of the Secure-ID® product lines. The OTF is a globally patented technology, supported by extensive development done by 3M and Jordan Products. Since Jordan Products’ acquisition of the OTF technology, years of research and development have yielded immense capabilities and intellectual property beyond the global patents. Jordan Products is the sole, worldwide manufacturer of this technology.

Adhesives, Polymeric and Metallic Films:
A combination of adhesives (both pressure sensitive and curable) with polymeric and metallic films forms the basis of many of the products manufactured. Therefore, a core competency at Jordan Products is an extensive expertise in adhesive properties, surface modification and processing techniques required to work with such materials.

Print Technologies:
Innovative printing technologies are the basis for both overt and covert information capabilities in the Secure-ID® product lines. By using combinations of digital, flexo, laser and transfer print technologies, different product capabilities and features are optimized and created.

Security Additives:
Security inks (e.g. UV & IR), taggants and holograms are used to complement the Optical Thin Film’s core security capability and are applied according to the industry or specific customer’s need.

Roll Converting:
Vital to Jordan Products’ manufacturing process and optimized with expertise in laminating, digital/flexo/transfer printing and die cutting.

Jordan Products Co.

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