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Category: Lasers
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KLASTECH GmbHLocated in Dortmund, Germany KLASTECH was founded to exploit its revolutionary new DPSS laser technology. Protected by a global patent this new technology achieves a step change in Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser performance.

Utilizing this technology KLASTECH has already brought to market a number of products including the world’s first and only CW ruby DPSS laser.

KLASTECH’s modern facilities reside within the MST.factory home of other high technology companies all working at the leading edge of physics and engineering.

At KLASTECH they work closely with customers to ensure that they can meet their exacting requirements. For OEMs they offer a complete design and build service where the customer may require significant mechanical re-design to achieve space or environmental constraints or even where a different wavelength from their standard range is requested.

KLASTECH lasers are used in all applications for which CW DPSS lasers are normally utilized from Raman Spectroscopy to Flow Cytometry, from Holography to Hematology or from Confocal Microscopy to Particle Imaging. Whatever the application, KLASTECH lasers have proven time and again that they can add real value to a customer’s portfolio and instrument performance.

KLASTECH's award winning technology (2009 Frost & Sullivan European Innovation Award) offers up to 10x second harmonic conversion efficiency over all other DPSS architectures leading to compact scalable designs without recourse to external cooling system;

As a bi-product of this technology the lasers produce inherently single frequency light opening up even greater application possibilities.

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