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Category: Solids Valves
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KSB AG Pumps and Valves for all applications

The KSB Group is one of the leading producers of pumps, valves, and related systems. Annual sales revenue is approximately 2000 million euro.

Looking back on more than 130 years of experience, KSB offers innovative pump and valve technology for all applications.More than 14,000 employees around the world work for maximum customer satisfaction in building services, industry, waterand wastewater utilities, the energy sector and mining. KSB is increasingly a service partner and provides complete hydraulic systems for water supply and KSB AGdrainage.

Global products, global quality
KSB has more than 30 manufacturing sites in 19 countries, where they produce their pumps and valves to global quality standards. The pump range covers a vast spectrum - from domestic rainwater utilization systems to process pumps or power station boiler feed units. Valves come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials for various applications.

KSB solutions meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency, KSB optimizes not just individual components but entire hydraulic systems. Hence helping to save energy costs and reduce any negative impact on the environment.
Integrated systems solutions for water and waste water
KSB AG In addition to the range of pumps and valves, KSB offers all-in-one hydraulic systems. Customers in the municipal and industrial water and waste water management sectors can rely on KSB for engineering services and supply of the entire hydraulic and electrotechnical equipment for their plant. KSB's scope of performance includes construction work up to the turnkey installation of pumping stations.

Services for all applications
The products KSB offers are complemented by their extensive range of services. These services are designed to safeguard the value of an installation and to provide fast assistance in emergencies. They have 2,400 highly trained service engineers worldwide taking care of inspection, maintenance, and repair of KSB's own as well as other manufacturers’ products.

Water and waste water
KSB manufactures a variety of different pumps for agricultural irrigation, water supply, and waste water disposal, surface drainage as well as seawater desalination services. Shut-off butterfly valves with nominal sizes up to 3.200 mm/ 125 inches are pegged for duty in large-scale water supply systems.

In industrial applications, KSB pumps and valves do not only handle aggressive and abrasive media but are equally suitable for coping with explosive and toxic fluids. Process engineering pumps are, for example, used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, paper and cellulose production, as well as the production of beverages and sugar. Special cryogenic butterfly valves are available for equipping LPG systems. Sterilizable diaphragm valves are manufactured for the biotech industry.

KSB AGEnergy
As one of the leading suppliers of pumps and valves for the energy industry, KSB offers a full range of products for power plants. High-pressure pumps of various designs and sizes take care of reactor coolant recirculation, feed water transport, boiler recirculation as well as condensate and cooling water transport. High-pressure globe and gate valves as well as special butterfly valves are available for shut-off duties in power station circuits.

Building Services
Series-produced pumps and standardized pressure boosting units are used in building services applications, such as water supply, heating and air-conditioning. Just like pumps for garden irrigation and swimming pool water circulation, they contribute to improving the quality of life. KSB's building services valves program complements this range for consultants, wholesalers, and contractors. Measuring and control systems are available for monitoring and controlling the installations.

GIW Industries, KSB's U.S.-based subsidiary, offers their customers slurry pumps for special operations in mining, sand, and gravel production as well as applications on offshore platforms or suction dredgers. These boast extremely high efficiencies.

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