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Category: Linear Actuators
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Kadant Johnson LLC, based in Three Rivers, Michigan, USA, is a leading provider of rotary sealing solutions and  steam handling systems to process industries. Rotary unions, also referred to as rotary joints and swivels, are sealing devices that connect rotating equipment to fixed piping for the transfer of steam, water, thermal oil, coolant, hydraulic oil, air, and other media.

Kadant Solutions, based in Auburn, Massachusetts, USA, is a leading supplier of roll cleaning (doctor) blades, roll cleaning blade holders, and roll cleanings systems for industrial processes.Roll cleaners or doctor blades are used to remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. 

In addition to rotary unions and related accessories such as flexible metal hose, syphons, and sight flow indicators, Kadant Johnson also designs and manufactures steam handling and distribution systems that include Liqui-Mover® condensate pumps, steam jet thermocompressors, direct steam injection water heaters, and other steam handling products.

In addition to rolling cleaning and related components Kadant Solutions also offers water management products that are applied to the cleaning of forming and press fabrics and the filtration of process water. These include shower systems, nozzles, drainage structures, and even water and energy audits.

Kadant Johnson and Kadant Solutions products are used in the production of pulp and paper, chemicals, food, power, steel, nonwovens, rubber, plastics, carbon fiber, polyester fiber, coated metal manufacturing, asphalt shingle roofing and in a variety of other process industries.

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