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Category: Pressure Relief Valves
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Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. is a manufacturer of proportional valves, pressure regulators, and mass flow controllers. They are dedicated to creating, designing, and manufacturing unique, compact Pneumatic Control Devices driven by new concepts and technology. Their products control force, temperature, pressure, and flow for a wide range of mediums. They offer devices that are compact and have few moving parts, ensuring reliability, consistency, and high quality at an affordable price.

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. has three main product lines currently in production. The first is Precision Pressure and Flow Controllers, including the High Flow Regulator, Low Flow Regulator, and Precision Pressure Regulators; as well as, the Electronic Relief Valve. The second product line consists of an assortment of Proportional Valves with varying flow parameters, including both the Mini and Midsize proportional valves. The third consists of Electronic Board Accessories of both the Valve Driver Board and RS232 Communication Board, which can be used in conjunction with the other Kelly Pneumatics product lines.

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. will follow four concise business strategies. First, building customized versions of their standard products; as well as, customized test fixtures, providing more value for specific groups of customers via expert application assistance. Second, develop a strong marketing infrastructure. Third, Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. will focus on the entire market: small, medium, and large size companies. Lastly, Kelly Pneumatics, Inc. will focus on follow-up technology to ensure top quality products for an evolving industry.

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