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Category: Specialty Polymers and Resins
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Since its foundation in 1947, LG Chem has served as Korea's representative chemical company, contributing to the development of the national economy and the enhancement of the quality of life through continuous technological development, new product introduction, and quality innovation based on its stable growth.

LG Chem is a world-class chemical company that provides innovative materials and solutions by sharpening our competitive edge in high-value added core businesses while expanding new business opportunities
in IT & Electronic Materials and Energy Solutions.

Business Areas:

Basic Materials & Chemicals - NCC, PO, PVC / Plasticizers, ABS, EP, Acrylates / SAP, Rubbers / Specialty Polymers.

Based on our extensive experience and advanced technology in feedstock, synthetic resins, synthetic rubber, and specialty polymers, the Basic Materials & Chemicals Company represents the core business of LG Chem, as the company that provides competitive products based on innovative technology. LG Chem has achieved vertical integration and strengthened synergy among its petrochemical businesses by mergers and acquisitions of the following companies; LG Daesan Basic Materials & Chemicals in 2006, LG Basic Materials & Chemicals in 2007, Kolon's SAP business in 2008 and LG Polycarbonate in 2011.

IT and Electronics Materials - Optical Materials, Electronic Materials, LCD Glass Substrates, RO Membranes.

Ever since LG Chem has become the first company to commercialize LCD polarizers in 2000, the IT & Electronic Materials business has steadily grown up through aggressive investment in R&D and development of differentiated products. As a leading global company in the polarizer and 3D FPR market, LG Chem also has been strengthening global competitiveness in the areas of ITO Film, touch panels, and circuit board materials. Furthermore, LG Chem is now focusing on expanding its business areas into several new markets, such as LCD glass substrate, water solution business.

Advanced Materials - Display Materials, Rechargeable Battery Materials.

LG Chem's advanced materials is the company's next growth engine by improving technology to offer premium value to customers and gain new business opportunities. The company aims to strengthen its position in the global market by improving competitiveness in core materials such as OLED displays and anode materials for batteries.

Energy Solutions - IT & New Application Battery, Automotive Battery, ESS Battery.

LG Chem is the only chemical-based company among worldwide battery manufacturers that has an Energy Solution Company rapidly expanding, based on its differentiated materials technology. Since the development of nation's first lithium-ion battery 1999, the sales in average have increased over 30% each year. LG Chem is leading the world lithium-ion battery market, as it is ranked as global No.1 in the automotive and ESS battery markets.
LG Chem has been continuously increasing its market shares.

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