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Category: Pipe Hangers and Conduit Hangers
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Lisega SE, Inc.
Lisega SE is a global organization & market leader in the engineering, design, manufacturing and training of pipe supports used in many industrial engineering and construction applications.

Lisega SE’s market focus is on industrial applications whose piping will incur thermal expansion and contraction, increasing and decreasing temperatures with fluctuating pressure that will require controlled movements. These industries include biomass, fossil and nuclear power generation, chemical and petrochemical processing, incineration, sugar processing, offshore drilling and production platforms, liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals and precious minerals mining and extraction.

Lisega SE’s range of standard products consist of over 10,000 components organized in a simple modular system supported by a user friendly software package, LICAD, that will reduce component selection time, reduce engineering cost which will ultimately save money and provide a competitive advantage.

With manufacturing divisions in Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States and the Pacific Rim and their legion of international representatives Lisega SE offers worldwide market research and development knowledge and the capability to support any project worldwide at the most significant overall economical value.

Lisega SE’s success has been achieved by maintaining a continued long term strategy of providing full service operations with the highest quality products, which are recognized by the U.S. Nuclear Industry, and providing training to save your company time and resources in the form of reduced engineering, efficiencies in product installations & dependable operations.
Lisega SE, Inc.

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