LTG has been a pioneer in ventilation and air-conditioning for over 90 years now, and has always been one step ahead. The field of activity of LTG covers air handling technology as a whole – from Comfort Air Technology for commercial and industrial applications to Process Air Technology in which air is used in a technical process inside machines and equipment.

LTG Engineering Services produce reliable and detailed project data with recommendations regarding to function and cost for any commercial and industrial airflow related issues.

LTG manufactures chilled beams, induction units, fan coil units, air diffusers, fans and blowers, air washers, dust collection and waste handling equipment.

Always staying one step ahead – that's the motto of LTG. Because we not only deal with the standard applications for air technology, but also and above all offer customised solutions for out-of-the-ordinary tasks. Our staff can apply the experience gained over decades, the skills acquired from thousands of successful projects and – most important of all – their inventiveness.


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LTG Tangential Fans (Fans and Electronic Cooling) Tangential fans, also referred to as cross-flow fans (CFF), or cross-flow blowers, offer a uniform laminar flow pattern without the use of baffles or vanes. Extended linear air flow is exhausted... (View Full Article)
Greenville Memorial Hospital is Equipped with LTG Induction Units (Heating and Cooling Equipment) Originally built in 1972, Greenville Memorial Hospital, the flagship hospital of the Greenville Health System (GHS), was still operating 322 induction units in 267 patient rooms and support spaces. (View Full Article)