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Category: Plastic Machining Services
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Plastics have revolutionized the world, enabling our society to enjoy the benefits of products that are safer, lighter, stronger, cheaper and more practical than traditional materials. Laird Plastics has been a leading distributor of plastic sheets, rods, films, and more for over 70 years, adapting along the way to new markets and innovations as the industry continues to modernize.

Operating with a network of over 50 distribution centers across North America and partnering with the industry's leading manufacturers, Laird Plastics takes a unique, decentralized approach to the distribution business model and offers an extensive and specialized array of plastic materials. Laird Plastics stocks high-performance acrylics and polycarbonates, solutions to support their primary specialty, the sign and graphics industry, including foam boards, styrene, polypropylene, and vinyl banners, as well as mechanical and engineering materials such as UHMW, LDPE, HDPE, nylons, and acetals.

Our Customer Commitment

Laird Plastics is sincere in our commitment to the highest degree of quality delivery and customer satisfaction by providing the best quality and most cost-effective material available, supporting solutions in both commercial and industrial applications. Our qualified team of experts works to ensure that the needs of our customers are met with accuracy, quality, and timeliness, which includes value-added services such as custom cuts and fabrication, custom stocking programs, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Our Vision and Core Values

As the world's leading plastics distributor, our vision at Laird Plastics is to expand the availability and usefulness of plastics in various industries and environments while maintaining our sustainable practices. Our experienced, charismatic team of professionals allow this vision to move forward by sharing our core values, which include:

•  Hard Work
•  Continuous self-improvement
•  Empowerment
•  Honesty
•  And Integrity

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