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Category: Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Services
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Lambda Technologies is a revolutionary company incorporating a premier materials research laboratory with an engineering and production enterprise dedicated to the development and optimization of surface treatments to improve component performance. They are proud of their corporate legacy and record of outstanding performance in meeting their customers' needs with technical excellence, groundbreaking innovation, and committed, hard-working employees.

Lambda Technologies encompasses three organizations that are focused on the pursuit of excellence. Each organization offers specialized capabilities, and when combined, provide turn key solutions to extend the life of critical components.

Lambda Technologies - Surface Enhancement Technologies (SET) is the commercialization extension of the organization and is charged with the successful deployment of Lambda Technologies developed solutions. To successfully fulfill its role, SET is structured to deliver seamlessly integrated systems that mesh with the customer's manufacturing and production operations. In addition, SET will process components using Lambda developed technologies, such as Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB™), at Lambda facilities.

Lambda Technologies Laboratory Services operates a world-class laboratory facility and is the pre-eminent source of residual stress measurement and analysis worldwide. Lambda Technologies Laboratory Services delivers quality driven, reliable results in a timely manner to a wide range of industrial, government, and academic clients. Unique x-ray diffraction, finite element (FE), and mechanical methods have been developed for the study of residual stress formation. Process development using Taguchi techniques and surface integrity studies to document the resulting fatigue and stress corrosion behavior are performed on a wide variety of alloys.

Lambda Research and Engineering is dedicated to the understanding and management of residual stress in metallic components. Lambda Research and Engineering is the focal point for the development of residual stress distribution solutions and incorporates emerging and existing technologies to provide their customers with a solution to damage mechanisms in metallic components. Through their surface enhancement process design, they develop compressive residual stress fields to mitigate high cycle fatigue (HCF), stress corrosion cracking (SCC), low cycle fatigue (LCF), fretting fatigue, corrosion fatigue, foreign object damage (FOD), and corrosion pitting. Lambda Research and Engineering also conducts process optimization and surface integrity studies which provide their customers with the information necessary to improve component performance.

Lambda Technologies

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