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Lee Spring strives to be your supplier of choice for springs, wire forms and related products by out commitment to providing innovative customer-centric solutions based on expert design, world-class quality, focused manufacturing and integrated global distribution. Since 1918, Lee Spring has set the standard for quality, product range, service and value.

Lee Spring operates five technologically advanced plants strategically located to service all regions of the United States, as well as world class facilities in the United Kingdom, Mexico, China, and India to meet the requirements of their expanding global market in Europe, Latin America and Asia.. State-of-the-Art manufacturing equipment combines with Lean Manufacturing Techniques to produce the exact springs and metal parts you need when you need them.


Standard Compression Springs: Imperial and Metric
• Squared and Ground Ends
• Plated Music Wire, Passivated Type 302 Stainless Steel or
  Passivated and Ultrasonically Cleaned Type 316 Stainless

 Instrument Compression Springs: Imperial and Metric
• Pre-coated Music Wire, Passivated Type 302 Stainless
  Steel or Passivated and Ultrasonically Cleaned
  Type 316 Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Compression Springs
• Squared and Ground Ends
• Shot-Peened and Pre-Set
• Plated Music Wire/Oil Tempered MB Wire or Passivated
  Stainless Steel

Instrument Extension Springs: Imperial and Metric
• Pre-coated Music Wire or Passivated Stainless Steel

REDUX Wave Springs: Imperial and Metric
• Stainless Steel Type 17-7

Extension Springs: Imperial and Metric
• Plated Music Wire or Passivated Stainless Steel

Torsion Springs: Imperial and Meteric
• Plated Music Wire or Passivated Stainless Steel

Hefty Die Springs
• Powder Coated
• Shot-Peened and Pre-set
• Music Wire or Chrome Silicon
• Squared and Ground Ends

Battery Springs
• Nickel Plated Music Wire

Continuous Length Extension Springs
• Music Wire with Light Oil Coat or Type 302 Stainless Steel

Belleville Washers
• Passivated Stainless Steel


Lee Spring can design and manufacture a virtually unlimited variety of spring configurations and specifications.Armed with a broad based mechanical engineering and spring-specific KNOWLEDGE, their Engineers can work concurrently to augment your design team to ensure that you select the right spring for each job. Lee Springs' Expert Engineering Staff can work from your drawings, specifications or part samples. They offer Concurrent Engineering support, assisting you in developing your initial designs and continuing to support your product throughout the design and manufacturing process.Lee Spring's Engineering Staff assists your technical and product needs with skilled consultation on Stock Springs and Custom Engineered Springs, Washers, Stampings and Four-slide products. Their Engineers can assist you in the initial design stages and will continue to support your product throughout

Compression and Extension Wire Diameter Range: .004” - .625”

Torsion Wire Diameter Range: .005” - .187”

Wide range of alloys available including

  • Stainless Steel 17-7 and 316
• Phosphor Bronze
• Hastelloy ®
• Inconel 600, 718 and x750
• Beryllium Copper
• Elgiloy
• and many others...

Wireforms and Stampings, as well as assemblies of these products.

Four-Slide parts:

• Wire Diameter: .005” - .187”

• Strip Width: .010” - .500”

• Strip Thickness: .003” - .125

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