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Category: Machine Shop Services
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Leer Technologies specializes in micro EDM to meet the growing demand for precision micro holes and micro forms in small and miniature parts. From a single critical component to multiple part runs, Leer provides precision workmanship that’s “right to spec” with quick turnaround to meet your production deadlines.

Leer?s high-volume micro EDM services provide parts machined to the closest tolerances. Three-dimensional micro parts can be produced in both simple and complex shapes. Leer can produce high-precision micro holes as small as 20 microns and deep holes up to 100X hole diameter.

Leer?s micro EDM delivers the size, shape and finish you need with no measurable recast, no burrs, and surface finishes as low as 0.05 microns Ra. Leer can micro EDM difficult-to-machine materials such as hardened steel, titanium, tungsten carbide and even some ceramics.

Leer Technologies has the equipment and skills to serve the micro machining needs of a range of industries including electronics, automotive, medical, textiles, aerospace, industrial equipment and more.

Leer can provide engineering consultation as well as design assistance. They will work closely with you in the development and manufacture of prototypes and initial low-volume part runs as well as with higher-volume production quantities.

With combined experience of more than 80 years, Leer's highly skilled staff takes great pride in their EDM expertise and craftsmanship. In addition to offering state-of-the-art 3D, multi-axis CNC micro EDMing, Leer Technologies can also provide wire EDM (400mm thick, 30 degree taper), EDM drilling and sinker services as well as complementary conventional machining resources.

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