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Category: Toggle Switches
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Leviton ManufacturingOur industry is full of smart people and great products. At Leviton, we define smart differently. Smart is about ingenuity – applied to how we create sustainable solutions in wiring devices, lighting controls, and network infrastructure. Smart is about progress – as evidenced by our unrivaled product and patent portfolio. Smart professionals choose Leviton because our products – from switches and receptacles to daylight harvesting controls to intricate network systems – provide smart, reliable solutions that pay off in time, energy, and cost savings. We are committed to powering progress and improving the way we live, one building at a time.
At Leviton, the future is on.

Inside and outside, from the basement to the roof, from a child’s playroom to a processing plant, Leviton products are everywhere.

We’re broadly specialized at Leviton, offering a comprehensive range of smart solutions you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. The scope of our offerings and the depth of our expertise help professionals and partners realize their plans for smarter networks, buildings, and homes.

Network Solutions
Leviton provides complete copper, fiber, and power solutions for enterprise, data center, and service provider networks that meet and exceed today’s data infrastructure requirements.

Connected Home
The Leviton Structured Media System® provides a central network to manage and distribute voice, data, audio, and video signals in residential buildings. It is the technology foundation of the modern home.

Energy Management
Our products save energy, meet code compliance, and often enable our customers to qualify for tax incentives. With advanced system designs and easy installation, it’s easier to “Go Green” with Leviton.

Lighting Controls
Combining sophisticated design with state-of-the- art technology, Leviton lighting controls are precise, dependable, and energy-efficient.

From the world’s leading theaters and convention centers to home theaters, our customers look to Leviton for the finest, most customizable entertainment experiences. Our solutions bring both sound and video to life.

Home Automation
With Leviton, home lighting and appliance control is an affordable luxury. Designed to maximize comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency, our products are stylish and easy to use.

Leviton is the preferred brand of professional builders and contractors. Our wiring devices are built with the latest safety innovations and deliver both cost and energy savings.

Leviton’s Global Reach
Supplies end users around the world from facilities operating in Canada, Mexico, Asia, and the Middle East. The company’s Asia operations consist of: Leviton Pacific Rim, Ltd. at Hong Kong, Leviton Dongguan and Leviton Nanjing.  www.leviton.com/industrial.Leviton

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