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Category: Warning Lights
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“Pursuing Safety Through Technology”

The “Gold Standard”

LightGuard Systems, Inc.The LightGuard Systems, Inc In-roadway Warning Light (IRWL) product is the “Gold Standard” by which all in-pavement crosswalk systems should be measured. LightGuard Systems is the “Originator” of illuminated pedestrian crosswalk systems and is “the” system that was the evaluated product for its inclusion into the Federal Highway Administration MUTCD.

IRWL system studies with respect to percentages of motorist behavioral and effectiveness from day and night study evaluations have been based primarily on LightGuard Systems, Inc's product for this purpose. LightGuard Systems, Inc's competition will often site pedestrian behavioral changes from the use of enhanced crosswalk lights, but they are likely using the data based upon the performance of LightGuard Systems, Inc's products.

The Smart Crosswalk™ System Design

LightGuard Systems, Inc.Each LightGuard IRWL system is DC powered. The signal head has 16 high output LED’s (hard wired and reliable at full power) focused towards the approaching motorist, away and outward from the crosswalk. LightGuard Systems, Inc competitors’ products typically have 3–6 LED lights per signal head, with less lumens and product reliability, especially when the power source is solar and interrupted by poor weather conditions.

The intent of the Smart Crosswalk™ system design is to remove a “false sense of security” by the pedestrian when crossing. The ability to view the crosswalk signal lights in operation by the motorist and not the pedestrian was mandated by the California Traffic Controls Devices Committee (CTCDC). This design was determined by the CTCDC through experimental evaluation testing to provide enhanced safety for the pedestrian.

Smart Crosswalk™ System InstallationLightGuard Systems, Inc.

The installation of the “hard-wired” signal heads can be completed normally within 1-3 days, by City Public Works crews or an independent contractor. Installation time is dependant on the number of lanes and equipment chosen.

The roadway saw cuts for the IRWL system wire cables are no greater than 1.5 " deep and .5" wide at any point in the street. The base plates are 1.5 " in depth; the composite base is 10" diameter and the snow plow resistant steel base plate is 14" diameter. The system control wires are direct burial 8 conductor 18 AWG tray cable for the system controls and 3 wire (typically red, black, and yellow) 14 AWG for the in-roadway modules.

The standard base plate and our steel snow plow resistant base plate both feature a self clearing Debris Free™ design. There are several fluted slots on the face of the base plate. When a tire passes over the top, trapped air is compressed and the accumulated debris material is hydro jetted through these slots.

LightGuard Systems, Inc.LightGuard Systems, Inc prefers to recommend the reliability of “hard wired” vs. “wireless” systems.  After 14 years of experience they have noted that wireless equipment systems results in increasing maintenance costs with a greater potential for critical equipment failure.

A “one time” cost for saw-cut and wire pull during initial installation completely offsets lifetime repeated maintenance and equipment replacement costs. This factor over time can become burdensome and creates a “magnified cost” to the system.

The selection of power source, either A/C or solar, is typically dependent on the distance from the IRWL system site location to the power source. The A/C hard wire power supply option is recommended for its dependability. However, even in those areas affected by prolonged overcast, fog, or that A/C power is unavailable, LightGuard Systems, Inc's solar powered systems are highly effective.

LightGuard Systems, Inc.Warranty and Maintenance

The LightGuard System has a three year conditional warranty on all its components. There are systems operating now for nearly ten years at numerous locations, both solar and A/C powered supplied units. 

Maintenance, when required, on their signal heads is simple. There are four bolts to remove, a plug to disconnect, and a malfunctioned signal head can be replaced in a few minutes.  Each generation of signal head is designed to retro-fit back into systems installed over 10 years ago, there is no need to change permanently affixed base plates embedded into the roadway.

LightGuard Systems, Inc enjoys a high degree of repeat business due to its reputation in providing a specialized staff of trained individuals. Customers independently report that their customer service is highly qualified, prompt in response with a professional manner.

LightGuard Systems Inc Patent Position

LightGuard Systems, Inc. is the only company to hold, in the United States, Utility Patent 6,384,742 B1, for the “System” of lights that are imbedded in the roadway at crosswalks.

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