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Category: Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
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Light in Motion organization is dedicated to the Design, Manufacture and Supply of high quality, high reliability optical emitter and detector components and assemblies for the exclusive use in the sensor industry.

Light in Motion owners bring 50 years experience working with Philips Semiconductor, GI Optoelectronics, QT Optoelectronics and Fairchild Semiconductor to this business. This wealth of Semiconductor, Optical Engineering, Manufacturing Techniques, Supply Chain and Application Specific Experience, is available to all our customers in finding that Standard, Semi-Custom or Custom solution to their sensor requirements.

Light in Motion basic product lines consist of:

Hermetic Packages

The initial product selection was based upon the corresponding lines discontinued by Fairchild and previously supplied by QT Optoelectronics.

Initially, these too were discontinued by Fairchild and previously supplied by QT Optoelectronics.
Molded Packages

This is a new product line with new product introductions in 2013, and will consist of molded through hole emitters and detectors and surface mount devices.

Quality and Reliability

Light in Motion's Advanced Engineering Group Based in California work with our Advanced Manufacturing Group based in Singapore on all product introductions. Their remit is to build quality and reliability in at the design stage on new products or an acquired line.

This criteria has already reduced failures and improved reliability when the discrete production line of the assemblies was moved from a low volume, intermittent, semi automatic line to a fully automated high volume line without changes to any electro-optical characteristics.

Long Term Development

The existing product lines were focused to bring a set of materials, packages, and assemblies together to act as a spring board to develop a more comprehensive set of components. New semiconductor materials, new packages and new manufacturing techniques are being investigated with a view of bringing a well established and mature product line into the 21st century.

The idea is to offer new forms of sensors based upon newer semiconductor technology, while firmly grounding them in well proven materials and techniques Light in Motion is firmly committed to developing components exclusively for the sensor market, directing these components in to a more dynamic and application driven phase.

Light in Motion's growth rate has been sustained through every year since the company was formed in 2009. That record, through a major recession, is only achieved by finding the correct solution to our customers' sensor requirements. We undertake to work with all of our customers to that end.

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