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Category: Nickel and Nickel Alloys
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We are 2,500 engineers, technologists and coating experts across more than 35 sites in 12 countries making more possible by protecting what drives your industry. More surface-enhancing materials. More innovative processes, equipment and technology. And more advanced coatings that extend the life of critical components and keep your business running as efficiently and productively as possible.

Solutions for Your Industry
We believe the right solution improves product life, reduces cost, amplifies performance and mitigates risks. That’s why, when you partner with us you get more than just protective coatings, you get complete access to our industry knowledge, technical experience and global resources. So no matter what industry you’re in, we’re making more possible with coatings that protect your parts. Learn More

Coating Services
At Linde Advanced Material Technologies, it’s our goal to help you get more protection, more customization and more performance from your parts. To do that, we work with you to select or develop coatings based on your operating environment and production requirements. Then we combine advanced preparation services, the right application technology and post-coating operations to create optimal coating performance for any component. Learn More

Manufactured Components, Materials and Equipment
At Linde Advanced Material Technologies, it’s our mission to optimize your operations the best way possible. That’s why we don’t stop at coatings. We manufacture critical components. We engineer advanced materials. And we innovate new equipment and technologies that push your operations further. We make more possible by introducing new products and innovations—because we know how important productivity, efficiency and profitability are to your business. Learn More

Partnering With Us
As a customer, you are much more than a number. You are our partner: someone we can work with, learn from and provide solutions for. Because at Linde Advanced Material Technologies, it’s our goal to not only deliver coatings and technologies that improve your operations, but also help you deliver more to those you serve. Learn More

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