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Linx Technologies strives to make every engineer a hero in record time™ by minimizing the risk, delays, and technical challenges for design engineers to make their products wireless and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). Linx manufactures wireless components including antennas, RF modulesremote controls and keyfobs and RF connectors. If you choose to incorporate our components in your design, we relentlessly focus on ensuring your successful product launch.

Our tagline is Wireless Made Simple™, meaning that we specialize in making the complex world of radio frequency easy for engineers of all skill levels to use. Unlike other wireless suppliers, every aspect of our products, documentation, support, and design experience are specifically crafted to achieve Wireless Made Simple. Check out our Wireless Made Simple™ blog for the latest updates and innovations in the wireless world. 


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AN-00502: Proper PCB Design for Embedded Antennas (RF, Microwave, and Wireless Components) Embedded antennas are ideal for products that cannot use an external antenna. The reasons for this can range from ergonomic or aesthetic reasons or perhaps the product needs to be sealed because it is... (View Full Article)
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