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Category: Photoelectric Sensors
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We Make It Possible

Producing today's advanced technological products, from mobile phones to medical devices, requires measurements of incredibly small magnitude. Developers call us because of our reputation as partners—working alongside them to provide unique solutions to their unique measurement problems. A significant portion of our sales includes custom designs to suit specific applications. The development of the next generation of high-tech products requires tiny measurements—we make it possible.

We have worked with research universities, national laboratories, and some of the world's largest and smallest companies to solve position measurement problems in a multitude of industries — disk drive, semiconductor, manufacturing, metal forming, automotive, packaging. We are a machine designer's best friend.

We Started It All

Lion Precision introduced the world’s first capacitive, noncontact measurement system to the commercial market in 1958. Today, companies large and small throughout the world depend on our products for their critical measurements. The addition of our eddy-current sensing products division in 2001 has radically increased our ability to assist our customers in their continuing quest for better, more flexible, and more reliable measurement systems.

Over the years we have produced some of industry's most popular application specific products.

Looking to the Future

Our floor space has increased by nearly three times what it was in 1995. Our engineering staff has tripled as well. We’ve invested in people and equipment to position ourselves to help take our customers to the next level. We have combined our sensor expertise and the needs of the marketplace and developed detailed road maps for development of our technologies and the products that will result. Our Research and Development lab continues to pursue the next decimal point in resolution and accuracy.

Global Presence

Over fifty percent of our sales are outside the U.S. To help our customers compete in the new global economy, we have adopted the ISO 9001 standard and have been registered since 1999. Our customers can be confident that we are deliberate about the quality and consistency of our products and processes.

As global citizens, we also comply with environmental requirements of WEEE and RoHS and work within our own community to help improve the quality of life for all.

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