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Category: Level Switches
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Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

All our sensors are manufactured to the highest quality standards and many can be delivered directly from stock.

Your sensor solution for the following applications:
• Harsh Environment
• Packaging
• Small Part Detection
• Extended Temperature
• Printing
• Level Detection
• Part Presence
• Material Handling
• Machine Vision
• Poka-Yoke Applications
• Assembly
• End of arm Tooling
• Metal Forming
• Semiconductor Production
• Mobile Equipment

Locon Sensor Products

Locon Sensor Systems specializes in designing sensors that are customized to fit the specific needs of each client we work with. As you can see from the list above, we provide sensors to customers in an array of industries, including businesses that need non-contact proximity sensors for their operations, such as automotive, medical device and semiconductor production.

Sensors for any Business

In order to suit the needs of all our customers, we offer a menu of sensor options, and as previously mentioned, our staff of talented engineers can customize any sensor you need. We perform our customization services in two ways; we can modify already existing sensor units to fit your purposes or we can design and build entirely new sensors to accommodate your needs.

Among the different types of sensors we sell are inductive sensors, capacitive sensors and photoelectrics. Of course, there are many subsets of each type, so we recommend that you browse our different categories, or contact us at your convenience and we will guide you in the right direction!

Product Catalog

Technical Articles

Tips for Selecting the Right Inductive Sensor (Proximity or Presence Sensing) Locon Sensor Systems Inc. has an extensive selection of Contrinex inductive sensors that serve as the perfect choice for detecting metallic targets up to 65mm away. Letâ s take an in-depth look at our... (View Full Article)
Understanding the Different Types of Capacitive Sensors (Proximity or Presence Sensing) Capacitive sensors are proximity sensors, offering non-contact detection of a target. Capacitive sensing involves the electrical property of capacitance and the resulting feedback present in the... (View Full Article)