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Locon Sensor Systems, Inc.

Locon Sensor Products

Locon sensor products are made to be the best. Our wide variety of sensor products can fill your needs and if they cannot then we have another option. We can make custom sensors specifically for your needs. Our wide variety of sensor products and our ability to make custom sensors makes us the place to come with all your sensor needs.

A Wide Variety of Sensors

Locon is proud to offer a wide variety of sensors. We know that your sensor needs may be different than others' sensor needs. Additionally, you may have changing sensor needs and, consequently, you may need different sensors in the future than you need today. We offer many sensors so we will always have what you need.

We offer photoelectrics such as high temperature photoelectric sensors. We also offer inductive sensors such as high temperature inductive sensors. In the area of capacitive sensors we offer mini capacitive sensors in addition to many other types.

We offer a full range of these many sensor types to provide you with everything you need. You should not have to go to several sensor distributors to find all the different types of high quality sensors that you need so we provide them all. And if we do not already have what you need then we can create custom sensors to fit your needs.

Custom Sensors

Perhaps Locon's most notable service is that we can provide for any sensor needs you have. We can create custom sensors for your special needs. We can do this one of two ways. Either we can modify already existing sensor units to fit your purposes or we can design and build entirely new sensors to accommodate your needs. Clearly, we aim to provide all that you need whether your special sensor needs require simple modifications or brand new sensor designs.

You may need a different type of cord or a different length of cord and we can do that. Or you may need a unit specifically sized to fit within your existing housing. Whatever your special sensor need may be, we are here to create a custom sensor that is exactly what you are looking for. We have developed sensors for the automotive, construction, and dental industries.

Sensors are our business. We provide sensors of the highest quality for all your needs. We offer a full range of sensors to accommodate all our clients. We go so far as to design and build custom sensors when the situation calls for it. We go that extra mile to provide for all your sensor needs. 

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