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Category: RF Surge Suppressors
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MCG is intensely dedicated to one area - the design, development, and manufacture of highly reliable surge protection devices. Products you can depend on when it counts.

Lightning and power line surges can seriously damage or disrupt operations in hospitals, financial institutions, military installations, and other mission-critical activities. The Surge Free 402XT, MCG’s flagship AC Power Line Main Service Panel Protector, through its extraordinary surge current diversion capability, protects your sensitive system from damaging transients, thus eliminating "downtime" and its associated financial and lost labor costs.

AC Power Line Protectors, range from full facility protectors at the main service panel (Ip-400kA) to branch and local panel protectors to compact 15A OEM protectors.

Data Line Protectors employ a three-stage heavy-duty hybrid protection circuit that is unique in the industry. This superior design blends high speed clamping with brute force diversion capability. They are offered in all popular voltages and connectors.

MCG’s DC Protectors and Low Voltage Crowbars are manufactured to the highest standards and are widely used in military and custom applications.

MCG Surge Protection's goals are simple and straightforward:

  • Build high quality, dependable products
  • Provide excellent value for the money
  • Supply accurate information for customers to make an informed decision
  • Avoid puffing and promotion of spurious benefits
  • Stand behind their products with an extraordinary "no nonsense" warranty (Twenty Year; lifetime on protection modules)
  • Before and after sale support from MCG staff. People, not voice mail, solve problems.

If you are already a customer, MCG appreciates your on-going support of MCG products. If not, the next time you are in the market for surge protectors, consider giving MCG Surge Protection the opportunity to show you what a company dedicated solely to surge protection can do for you.

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