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Category: Industrial Lubricants
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M&I Materials Limited is dedicated to manufacturing Specialist Materials for Industry and Science and is the driving force behind a portfolio of successful brands including APIEZON®, METROSIL®, MIDEL® and WOLFMET®.

An independent company, M&I Materials Limited has built a strong global business based on delivering technical excellence and high standards of customer service to niche markets around the globe. 

Born out of the research division of GEC Alstom, M&I Materials Limited combines the proven pedigree of long-standing products with the research and development expertise to bring new solutions to market.

A range of specialist greases, waxes and oils for industrial and scientific high vacuum process applications.
► Apiezon website

A range of non-linear resistors used to protect equipment and electrical insulation from the effects of over voltages.
► Metrosil website

A range of ester-based dielectric fluids, chosen by utilities and transformer manufacturers because of its proven ability to minimize risk.
► Midel website

Tungsten heavy alloy for adding balance or vibration damping mass and providing an effective radiation shield.
► Wolfmet website

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