Why a Macro Sensors LVDT?

Macro Sensors founded by Howard A. Schaevitz has more than three hundred man-years of experience in just one thing, the design and manufacture of LVDTs. They believe that you need solutions, not simply products. So when you call them you get the benefit of their experience and their commitment.

Most products listed in this website are in stock for immediate delivery, and they strive to offer the finest customer service in the industry: technical support from people who understand LVDTs and how to apply them to your benefit, and a commitment to excellent pricing, quality products , and deliveries that you can truly rely on. Macro Sensors also has a comprehensive network of representatives and distributors in the U.S. and around the world to provide you with local support.

Of course, if your requirement is not covered in their website, please call them. They manufacture an enormous array of LVDTs, from modified standards to complete custom designs.

Their customers consistently tell them it's Macro Sensors' quality and service that keeps them coming back. Let their experience go to work for you.
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What is an LVDT?
An LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is a reliable and accurate sensing device that converts linear position or motion to a proportional electrical output.

The basic LVDT design, as shown in the accompanying drawing, consists of three elements; Macro Sensors LVDT

1. One primary winding
2. Two identical secondary windings
3. A movable magnetic armature or "core"

The primary winding is excited with an AC supply generating a magnetic field which, when the core is placed in the central or "null" position, induces equal voltages in both of the secondaries. The secondaries are wired series opposed so that their combined output represents the difference in the voltage induced in them, which in this case is zero.

As the core is moved left or right, the difference in induced voltages produces an output that is linearly proportional in magnitude to the displacement of the core. Its phase changes 180ยบ from one side of the null position to the other.

Why use an LVDT?
LVDTs are frictionless, as there is no necessary contact between the core and the internal bore of the coils, resulting in transducers that offer unlimited mechanical life.

Because they are frictionless and utilize electromagnetic fields, LVDTs offer infinite resolution with outstanding repeatability.

And because LVDTs are excited with AC voltages with frequencies as high as 10kHz and have low mass cores, they are ideal for use in dynamic motion measurement situations.

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