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Category: Level Transmitters
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Madison Company, a leader in liquid level technology, has been designing and manufacturing sensors for over 55 years. Beginning with reed switches, floats and liquid level switches, we have expanded into complementary technologies and offer several sensor types, such as ultrasonic, radar and optical, in both standard and custom-designed versions. Madison provides sensor solutions to major industries worldwide supported by a global sales and distribution network.

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Applications include:

Commercial Appliances and Food Processing – Precise liquid level and temperature control is critical to the performance of all food and beverage handling appliances. Food grade float switches are used to control pump-up and/or pump-down operations where liquid level accuracy is crucial. High or low level alarms, liquid measurement, and overflow protection are other common requirements that Madison float switches and temperature and liquid level sensors are adept at handling.

  • Deep fryers, ovens, coffee makers, beverage dispensers and more
  • Temperatures up to 250°C
  • NSF Approved, FDA Compliant for contact with food
  • Long life, High Reliability and Repeatability
  • Wide variety of Food Grade material available (316SS, Polypropylene, Kynar)
  • Experts in Float and Non-Contact design and technology
  • Custom Engineered, off the shelf solutions and same day availability
Commercial Appliances and Food Processing

Industrial Equipment – Madison offers float style switches, ultrasonic and radar sensors, conductivity and optical sensors and a myriad of temperature sensing products. Several material choices allow for chemical compatibility with almost any liquid. Durable design to withstand extreme temperature and pressure ranges, vibration and shock and long life spans.

Industrial Equipment

Water and Waste Water – Liquid level switches and float sensors, manufactured to withstand even the harshest of environments, are the solution for water and wastewater level monitoring applications.

  • Holding tanks, pits, ponds, streams, reservoirs and more
  • Proven reed switch technology and trouble-free service with precise reliability
  • Radar and ultrasonic continuous level sensors, as well as pressure switches and sensors are also available.
  • Custom Engineeredoff the shelf solutions and same day availability
Water and Waste Water

Marine Madison’s marine float switches and liquid level sensors are designed and manufactured to provide durability in harsh environments. Capabilities include submersible models for bilge level and external tank applications, as well as auxiliary generator, ballast tanks, hydraulic reservoirs, cooling systems and day tanks.

  • Long Life, High Reliability and Repeatability
  • Harsh environments including turbulent liquids, black water, grey water and fuel tanks
  • Many models approved by the American Bureau of Shipbuilding (ABS) and the USCG for use in commercial shipboard applications
  • UL, CSA and FM approvals and meet several military specifications
  • Custom Engineered, off the shelf solutions and same day availability

Specialty Vehicles Madison’s continuous level sensors range from several feet in length all the way down to a few inches. These sensors give precise indication of liquid levels across the entire range of the tank from empty to full. If point level indication is critical, sensors can be designed with one or more level points on one sensor allowing for indications such as low level, high level or overflow alarms.

  • Long Life, High Reliability and Repeatability
  • Fuel tank level indicators, fuel cell level monitoring and cargo monitoring and control – hydraulic oil, coolant, lubrication and fuel
  • Tractors, hybrid automobiles, street sweepers, loaders and more
  • Intrinsically Safe and Explosion proof solutions available
  • Custom Engineered, off the shelf solutions and same day availability
Specialty Vehicles

Medical Equipment – Madison’s wide range of fluid sensing products is used in many OEM medical applications, including reagent analyzing, fluid dispensing equipment and more. Madison's sensing technologies include float style, optical, conductivity, pressure, temperature, ultrasonic and radar sensors.

Medical Equipment

Contact Madison today to discuss your application. We’re ready to work with you on your next project – benefit from our experience in providing high reliability, quick responsiveness and ongoing support from design through production and beyond!

ApprovalsMany of Madison’s sensor products meet the guidelines of and are approved by UL, NSF, CE, Canadian Standards Association and more. Click here for more information on our product approvals.

Chemical Compatibility and Material Selection – The key to selecting the ideal float switch or sensor material that matches your liquid environment is crucial to the application’s success. Considerations include tank materials, liquid composition, chemical concentration, maximum operating temperature and more. Click here for Madison’s chemical compatibility chart and material selection guide.

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