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Category: Digital-to-Analog Converters
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About Mars Labs

Mars Labs is an engineering-driven company focused on the data acquisition tools market. In addition to offering a standard line of high quality DAQ products, the company is committed to using customer feedback to develop innovative testing solutions. Mars Labs distinguishes itself both through the engineering excellence of its off-the-shelf products and through its willingness to enhance those products with customized software and services.

About Our Products

Description: A Titan RecorderTitan Family

Mars Labs offers a complete line of flexible, scalable data acquisition products and analysis software that provide custom solutions for a wide range of applications. From compact, stand-alone solutions (up to 16 channels) to large channel-count systems (up to 128 channels), Mars Labs' Titan family offers a range of products to address your specific data acquisition requirements.

More information about the Titan Family

Description: An EBRT UnitEBRT

Mars Labs EBRT is a small, rugged, lightweight, low power data acquisition system with 32 multifunction input channels, VBI and GPS interfaces, audio I/O channels and analog outputs. EBRT is designed for exceptional ease of use. Any of EBRT's inputs can be connected to a variety of sensors without the need for changing cards or modules.

More information about the Mars Labs EBRT

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Technical Articles

Aerospace Static and Dynamic Load Testing for Design Validation (Data Acquisition Products) In static strength testing for aircraft wings and airframes, data must be acquired on the aerospace structural response to applied loads. This type of testing is commonly used to simulate the loads... (View Full Article)
Mars Labs Titan DAQ Supports Durability and Fatigue Testing at Major Automotive OEM (Data Acquisition Products) Typical automotive durability and fatigue testing requires dynamic frequency measurements, ranging from static conditions to bandwidths up to 50 Hz. It is not uncommon for such testing to be executed... (View Full Article)