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Category: Level Transmitters
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Massa Products Corporation located in Hingham, MA for 70 years is an established innovator of transducers, industrial ultrasonic sensors and sonar. Founded by the man who pioneered the field of electroacoustics; the company maintains family ownership and leadership. Massa designs and manufactures both standardized sensors and customized solutions for applications in the following industries:

• industrial automation
• semiconductor
• chemical process
• waste water
• agriculture
• power generation

Massa offers wired and wireless devices including general use and intrinsically safe ratings. It maintains a commanding presence in oceanographic and military markets with its leading-edge underwater technologies.

Massa is set apart by its ability to solve a wide range of application problems, high product quality and fair value solutions:

• Chemical tank and tote level monitoring
• Cistern and storm water measurement
• Printing ink level measurement
• Lubrication distribution management
• Pump station and chemical skid control
• Grain and fertilizer bin monitoring
• Hopper feed control
• Roll diameter measurement
• Web tension control
• Packaging machine dimensional control
• Irrigation system control
• Collision avoidance systems
• Thru wall object detection
• Underwater communication / navigation
• Underwater geosurvey

Massa is ISO9001 certified and has been awarded over 165 U.S. Patents. Massa product performance and customer support is second to none.

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