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Same day shipping of North Americas’s largest assortment of high quality security seals. 

Need customized security seals? Use our RUSH SERVICE for next day out, or benefit from our regular 2-3 week lead time for customized seals.

Introducing Mega Fortris Security Seals

Mega Fortris was established in 1996 as a specialized developer and manufacturer of security seals.

Mega Fortris is the world’s second largest manufacturer  of security seals, and our solutions are widely acknowledged as innovative in design.  We  provide the global supply chain with unmatched security value through unique tamper resistant and tamper evident security solutions.

Mega Fortris facts

The most innovative range of security seals in the world.

  • With 18 Mega Fortris wholly owned subsidiaries on 5 continents, 6 of which are manufacturing sites,  Mega Fortris is the only truly global choice in the security seal industry.

  • The world’s second largest manufacturer of security seals

  • Large manufacturer of tamper evident labels and tapes

  • Large manufacturer of ICAO approved tamper evident bags

  • RFID & GPS security solutions available

  • The shortest lead time in America

  • Developer of the world’s first security seal APP www.megaappglobal.com

  • Certified to ISO 17712:2013 and ISO 14001

  • Member of ISMA – The International Seal Manufacturers Association

  • Member of ASIS

  • Member of ANSI


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